*************Here is step by step very easy installation*************

1. remove five scews from the bottom of the upper lid cover as shown by the pointed green arrows

2. take a ruler and mark it

3. measure it and make the second mark

4.insert two flat srewdrivers into the marks and seperate the two pieces

5. this is how it looks when its seperated & now take a screwdriver and remove all the staples around

6. i used a razor bade to cut the seems

7.than simply peel off the old cover it should come off like a banana peel.If not you can use a heat gun

8. here is the new cover, adhesive spray, and the lid after i peeled off the old cover

9. than i applied the spray on both surfeces

10.then place the lid on the cover

11.shape it out so it will be the correct shape cover

12.continue to shape it out from the top

13.use the staple gun to staple the new cover aroud the lid

14.then use the box cutter to cut the extra leather from the cover

15.this is what the finished product looks like

16. this is how it will look in your car

if anyone doesn't feel like they can do this, please contact me for professional installation.